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COUNTER compliance is the audited and approved process of providing standardized reports of online usage data for scholarly journals.

For Librarians

Being COUNTER compliant means that we follow the strict Code of Practice developed by the Project COUNTER group ( All data processes and reporting follow defined standards to deliver to your subscribers the most timely and accurate reports in the industry.

Publishers receive the benefit of knowing that the COUNTER reports will be delivered on time and on the mark whether your audience is at the institution or consortium level. All COUNTER reports are supported including books, periodicals, reference material, and conferences. Need to know more?

For Publishers

Scholarly iQ provides librarians with access to their COUNTER reports through an intuitive web portal as well as a SUSHI web service for harvesting reports from multiple publishers.

Do you need a tool that accumulates your COUNTER reports from all of your Publishers in one place? We can help. Need to know more?


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Customer Testimonials

"SIQ understands our unique business models and has worked closely with us to deliver analytics services for both institutions and our publishing partners. We feel SIQ has both the domain and technical expertise required to be successful in this complicated but critical area of our business."

- American Institute of Physics