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Trusted eBusiness Services for Librarians & Publishers

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Business Critical Market Insight for Academic Publishers

SiQ dramatically increases the quality, insight and value of an academic publisher’s data assets though improved online usage reporting, analytics and optimization.

We help academic publishers more effectively measure and optimize their digital publishing platforms to increase overall business success. SiQ provide this through unrivalled expertise in eBusiness services for academic publishers, industry standards and data management.

To help our customers get the most value from their data assets, SiQ provide powerful, robust and secure data management, processing and integration with guaranteed 100% uptime. With this unified data, SiQ delivers accurate, on time and trusted data to a wide range of business critical applications including librarian reporting, web analytics, CRM, business intelligence and content management systems.

In addition to core Librarian and Publisher Reporting services based upon industry standards COUNTER and SUSHI, SiQ supports publishers with integrations of unlimited, flexible data feeds and assets to further enrich a publisher’s view of their digital activity and performance for business and marketing optimization. Combined with direct ODBC access and the ability to extract data to update and drive other systems such as CRM, SiQ clients better manage their business, sales opportunities and the smart servicing of their prospects and customers.

SiQ are continually developing leading business intelligence and optimisation solutions and services for academic publishers. Learn more about:

SiQ’s COUNTER services provide robust, speedy and trusted usage reports and insights for academic publishers, fully compliant with industry agreed standards.

SiQ’s SUSHI web services deliver fast, easy distribution of usage reports as librarians want them, with SUSHI protocols.

SiQ’s proprietary Publisher Reporting application leverages NetInsight to provide powerful, flexible and fully integrated actionable web analytics insights for academic publishers to optimize their digital business and drive success.

SiQ provides powerful, robust and secure data handling, cleansing, processing and integration services for academic publishers to better realize the value and potential of their data with a 360 degree unified view of their business that drive business decisions as well as business applications.


SiQ is known for providing the best support and service in the industry. In addition to our fanatical 24x7 support team, SiQ also assigns a dedicated and intimately knowledgeable account executive to guide publishing clients through all phases of the relationship (from analysis to implementation, to on-going production support and new product development).

SiQ, who have been leaders in COUNTER usage reporting since 2002, have unrivalled experience in academic publishing reporting, analytics, data and optimization. Our trusted services integrate and deliver meaningful data accurately and on-time for accountable reporting and better business decisions – making your business work better for you.